Have you ever wanted to create something in the moment with your voice?
Have you ever wondered how singers like Bobby McFerrin or Al Jarreau do it?

Then, come and  experience VoiceDance, a workshop created by Emile Hassan Dyer, based on the teachings of his mentor Rhiannon, an amazing vocalist, improvisor and founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra, the world renowned "voice orchestra".
In this session, Emile will explore vocal improvisation using a few games/exercises from Rhiannon's teaching improv method such as:

  • 3 Face Front - You can't look at your partners for musical clues.
  • Band - where we each add our own short repetitive part until we are supported by all manner of funky grooves, and we take turns being the soloist.
  • Roundabout - We establish a pattern using a rhythm or melody, and each person sings only one note or beat of the pattern, so that we need each other to sing the full pattern.
  • Mystery Band - The Band creates a piece then the Soloist sings a prearranged song known only to themselves.

And more...

This workshop is for EVERYONE!!!