DailySing - 203 (8.22.2012)

August 23, 2012
Tonight, I sat in contemplation before beginning to sing. I was contemplating the source or root of the sounds that come through me, and how my emotions have a decided effect on what comes out of me.

I read the account of a young woman at VixCamp, a bass and nature camp, who was recounting her inner journey as her body was walking through the woods, blindfolded, homing in on the sound of a distant drumbeat By the time she was close to the drum and felt a hand on her arm to help her sit in a circle of her peers, she realized that she could rely on all of her senses to a much greater degree when playing music and feeling out fellow players. This is also applicable to life in general. We can use all of our senses to really listen, empathize and communicate with others to a startling degree of depth.

Putting myself in a space to contemplate these truths before singing, had an effect on tonight's session.

To listen to tonight's DailySing, click here.

DailySing - 202 (8.21.2012)

August 22, 2012
I appreciate that feeling of blank unknowing that preceeds the exhalation into sound, that accompanies that first step off of the cliff... into the magnificent unknown.

My level of trust in myself and that intangible creative spirit, is such that the thought of falling flat on my face never looms, at least not the way it used to. I am so energized and at one when I'm grooving in the pocket or when I'm allowing creation to flow through me, that my joy suffuses everything else and there is no ti...
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DailySing - 201 (8.20.2012)

August 21, 2012
Tonight's DailySing was a beeline journey where I went from one rhythm to another, morphing the melodic phrase to fit. I consciously looked for ways to jump to new ideas, instead of coming back to a common phrase to tie them all together.

I went with my strengths and didn't focus on working on my weak points. Instead whatever served the music was at the root of all motivation (as it should be).

Using that strategy, I wound up in some interesting place musically speaking. I found old melodic ide...
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DailySing - 200 (8.19.2012)

August 20, 2012
A pretty joyous weekend led to the sounds that were generated tonight...

I wanted to have tonight's musical journey be interesting enough to a listener, that they would pay to see me create in front of their eyes. I think I had some moments tonight that worked very well, and while I could occasionally catch a weak transition, the overall effect wasn't bad. I was entertained while listening to the playback.

I starts off rather gently, then I added a soft backbeat while I expanded on the main mel...
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DailySing - 199 (8.17.2012)

August 18, 2012
The mood when I began tonight was romantic, but that changed as many more moods were discovered along my musical journey. Some interesting experiments in tonality, but I always stay in the same modality so it feels flat and similar to me, no matter how clever or innovative I am with the soundscape.

Toward the middle of tonight's journey, I went in another funkier musical direction. It was lighter in feeling and playful.
Toward the very end I even played with inventing lyrics in French. It was e...
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DailySing - 198 (8.16.2012)

August 17, 2012
Tonight's DailySing is for my BFF, because she's keeping me engaged... 
Engaged with my Self
Engaged with my Word
Engaged with Meaning
Engaged with my Values
Engaged with fitting my Place in this big wide world
... Engaged with Life!

Tonight, I started with freestyle then wound up with an idea that's been coming around my consciousness since before 2006. I mined the freestyle as much as I was able, then mined the ideas of the other piece to death.

To listen to DailySing - 198, click here.

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DailySing - 197 (8.15.2012)

August 16, 2012
Tonight's DailySing was a tentative return to keeping my pact with myself.

I've been frustrated! Everything I do sounds the same lately, and yet through this process, I realize that I am learning to really mine a musical idea for all it's worth. 

 One of my goals is to be able to start a riff, go through its pattern, create some variations... then, after a bridge and a re-establishment of the main riff, launch into a Grateful Dead style exploration that has cohesion and depth, until coming back...

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DailySing - 195 (8.13.2012)

August 14, 2012
Tonight, the flow was there, the feelings too, but I fell asleep while singing. In listening to the playback, I can hear myself go out of tune as I fade.

The beginning of the session sounds great, but after 6 mns, I get loopy... then I stop making any sound.... then the faint susuration of snoring can be heard.

Need I say more?

To listen to DailySing - 195, click here.

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DailySing - 194 (8.12.2012)

August 13, 2012
I'm just back from an event called Family Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains... where I led about 120 people singing sacred chants, exploring beatboxing, vocal percussion, and vocal improv among the redwoods. It was AWESOME!!! My heart is sooooo full!

...So why am I having discontent and resentment around continuing my DailySing practice? Why do I get this feeling, after a long day that I couldn't be bothered? This is my thing, right? It's what I do, so what's the problem?

I am looking at this th...
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DailySing - 186 (8.4.2012)

August 8, 2012
Sing outside....!

In a park, by the river, along the street, at the beach, by a waterfall, on a hike in the mountains, near a stream, on your back porch, on the front stoop, and any other place you happen to be.

Every place on this planet has a feel to it, a resonance. It's that hushed feeling you get in a grove of redwoods that feels like church, or the smile that bubbles out of you under a waterfall. These resonances can be felt sensed and interpreted by us, if we slow down enough in our dail...
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If you can talk, you can sing

Emile Hassan Dyer I believe that singing is our birthright, and that it is good for our brains, bodies, and spirit. Singing releases oxytocin in the brain, and many studies have shown a correlation of oxytocin with human bonding, increases in trust, feelings of calmness and security, as well as reductions in anxiety. In other words, SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU! I get high making up music on the spot. I get high(er) when I can do it with several people at once. There's nothing like riding the crest of a creative wave, linked harmonically and rhythmically, supporting, leading, following, creating, coaxing, cajoling, p-l-a-y-i-n-g... THAT'S MY BLISS! Singing for 15 minutes a day means trusting yourself. It means clearing your mind, opening up and discovering what sounds can come out through you, if you allow it. To listen to each of my daily sings, click on the "songs" link on the left in the grey field above the most recent post or on the link at the end of each post.


My DailySing practice is inspired by Will Hewett's Sing15 practice.

You can learn more about Sing15 at www.willhewett.com.


"creative wave"percussive lyrical vocal solos melody "richard bona "sing out loud 'vp guy" riffs sounds patterns 4/4 4/4 feel 4/4 time 6/8 6/8 bell 6/8 feel 6/8 time a cappella a cappella thang abandon accented beat accents act of singing actors adaptability addendums aeolian african vocal delivery afro blue afro funk afro-cuban air flow alive ambient apex approach arc arc of the improv architecture arrange arrangements arranging art artless aspect of music atmosphere attacked the singing audience backbeat background hum balance ballad ballad-like bass bass line bass lines bass llne be the sound beat beatbox beatboxing beats berimbaus berzerker bird song birthday birthing the melodies blog blues bluesy body percussion body rhythms bp brain brassy bre bridge bridges burst carlinhos brown catchy tune cd channel chant chants choices choir chops chorus clapping claps clarity classical clave climactic crescendo codification of play cohesion color compose compositions concert conduit 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