Dynamic...! That's the best way to describe today's DailySing. I've been listening to Carlinhos Brown and Kurt Elling lately and I could feel the bits and pieces I've been picking up, start to gel and make sense inside me.

I started with a rhythm which I then layered (a la Carlinhos Brown) into polyrhythms using my hands and mouth. I then added my actual voice, played with made up language, and rhythmic counterpoint. Later on in the improv, I explore how I use my voice to solo with my falsetto as an instrument. I was then stretching my middle range (a la Kurt Elling) and discovered different modes of expression with this same voice I've always had.

Now, while all of this is going on, I still have to keep the groove going with my hands, vocal percussion, and my voice doing the bass line. It was a dance... a voice-dance where I could drive the groove, or be swept away by it, fly to the apex of my range, then rumble in its lowest part. 

Singing in the car might have had something to do with my energy level.

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