Well, this DailySing was as different from last night's session as can be. The "IT" that I discovered last night was a wavelength of energy. It's that same energy that "pops" during a screen test or that is referred to as "Pop"by many in the industry. When I listened today, I was reminded of how I let go when I sing in the car. I apparently got so carried away with creating sounds and patterns that I rarely use, that I woke up my wife last night.

Well tonight was much quieter, although just as intensive an exploration. I got into speed and clarity. I did some riffs reminiscent of Richard Bona and tried to keep them stringing along. At high speeds, I have difficulty being clear with my notes and my note placement. I tend to go flat if I am unclear on the note that I'm singing. I then switched to a slow ballad driven melody where I could focus on timbre, clarity, and note placement. Words even found their way into my improv.

Finally, I went back to high speed bass riffs, although I hung out in Jaco Pastorius Alley before launching into my improv which, curiously enough, took me back to Richard Bona Land. Throughout this journey, I could tell that it was easier to stay clear with precision after the slow ballad vocal play.

To listen to DailySing - 84, click here.