Tonight was very flat feeling. I fell into my improvisation with the artless slothfullness of a jellied stone. I tried to stay open, but stayed blank instead. In the blankness, snipets of music come, some decent ideas even, but I try not to hold on to them. I'm trying to just be and let it flow through me, whatever form "it" takes... My brain is very busy, as I try to stay blank. Shards of thought debris litter the ground, as I try to navigate through them without touching them. I fail and the ensuing sounds set up a harmonic resonance that interacts with what I'm creating. Some good moments in spite of myself during the playback. This was singing with no map. With no map, the creation feels disjointed and unrefined... Because it's NOT a creation! It's an EXPLORATION! It seems that I have some attachments to the outcome of each improv. I'll have to explore that further.

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