I'm just back from an event called Family Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains... where I led about 120 people singing sacred chants, exploring beatboxing, vocal percussion, and vocal improv among the redwoods. It was AWESOME!!! My heart is sooooo full!

...So why am I having discontent and resentment around continuing my DailySing practice? Why do I get this feeling, after a long day that I couldn't be bothered? This is my thing, right? It's what I do, so what's the problem?

I am looking at this the wrong way. My DailySing is a duty, something I must remember to fit into my day... No wonder I don't wanna do it... It's a chore!

To break the downward spiral, I decided to sing outside during the day, on my balcony... I ignored the neighbors and passersby to great effect.

It was a creative exercise in that I know I entertained at least one neighbor walking her dog, and I'm back on the singing wagon. We'll see where this goes.

To listen DailySing - 194, click here.