Today is my birthday and I find myself waiting to be picked up to go on a birthday adventure. Since my ride is late, I wander over to the little park on the corner to wait and after reading a while, decide to do my DailySing.

The city sounds of traffic, of a nearby construction site, of birds in the park, all create a sonic wall in the background.
The sun on my face warms me and puts me in a grateful place, allowing me to bring my inner landscape to the fore. This means that I gave voice and sound to the image of dew drops swirling in the grass making patterns signifying world peace, that I sang the warmth on my face and the cold stone bench leaching my body heat away, that I whispered the shadows living under the trees to my left, and whistled the main melody three times as an interlude.

Again, I find myself singing a pattern and returning to it after exploring a bit. Only, I couldn't remember the exact pattern, so we have variations on a theme. If I'd been thinking, I would've used the rhythm of the city and park, to influence and make them a part of my DailySing. Instead, I treated them like two separate things which was a mistake.
Maybe tomorrow...?!?

To listen to DailySing 78, click here.