You'd think that I'd try to sing at different times during the day, but it's not been working out that way. However, I have discovered singing in the Element. In the car I have more freedom to let loose and sing big... It's fun!

Tonight's DailySing went places I hadn't expected to go. I was inspired earlier this evening by two events. First, by a friend who's working with autistic kids, using horses to calm, ground and reconnect them. The second, by two of my teachers who have received Sri Chinmoy's Torch-Bearer Award which was created to recognize and honor those people who have inspired their nations and communities through their own lives and deeds.

I was inspired!!! In fact, I was so inspired that it crept into my improvisation. I went to the car because I felt free to belt it out if I needed to. The line "I Am Inspired By..." just came up and I found myself needing to express what inspires me and feeling grateful to my teachers and friends. I tried that something that I'm not that good at. I tried to use words and rhyme on the fly while creating the melodies, harmonies, rhythms... It wasn't too bad, but lyrics are definitely not my forte right now. I did however, convey what I wanted to, along with a good beat.

To listen to DailySing - 77, click here.