Feeling run down and not like singing at all, but it' s turned out to be invigorating!

I do remember that at one point I fell asleep, but that comes later in the playback. So far I sound inspired. I'd listen to this if it were on a CD. That should be my project, to create a CD from all improvized pieces, then go back, overdub and flesh them all out. 

The way I'm singing tonight, it could work... Inspired creativity in the moment. I start with a riff and explore it, move away from it, come back to it, let it morph into a variation and follow that lead. I do this several times and I like each musical thread. Tonight's vocal percussion section is worth exploring. I did nod off for about 7 seconds, but I start up immediately with a new funky sweet little riff, so it isn't nearly as bad as I think it is.

To listen to DailySing - 76, click here.