I found tonight that one of the reasons I like doing the DailySing in the car is that I can really let go. Maybe one of these days I'll explore c-r-a-z-y and "go off", encased in my relatively soundproof silver box on wheels.

Again, I started with one basic riff, stayed with it, played with it, went away on multiple solos and came back to it each time, explored inserting vocal percussion into the melody and other parts of the jam. At one point, I adapted the Happy Birthday song to it and sang to my friend Paul (and to myself), then later threw in a little You Are My Sunshine for good measure. I found that even if the song is as simple as possible, I still have a difficult time stringing verses together when adapting them to different melody.

I had fun letting go in the car and singing at the top of my lungs. I explored avenues that I probably wouldn't have, had it not been for the exra feeling of freedom.

To listen to DailySing - 75, click here.