I feel that I am at a crossroads and facing some tough decisions. I am also reclaiming a fundamental part of myself, and while that part feels unclear and amorphous, I know that I can't live without it...

... Which led to tonight's DailySing of a familiar melody that's kept bouncing around in my consciousness for several years. This melody has always spoken of new vistas of undiscovered life and experiences to me. It just welled up in me as I opened my mouth, and I just rode the wave through several creative explorations.

I liked thoroughly developping an idea, turning it inside out and upside down before pursuing it even further, tonight. I had a great time being different instruments, following differing lines of interpretation, and changing keys to accomodate an idea or two or three. LOL
Tonight's DailySing sounds like one complete piece. I'm still listening and haven't been bored.

To listen to DailySing - 74, click here.