Wow, my first DailySing in a couple of days! I'm still shaky but over whatever it was, for the most part.

Tonight, I went on a travelog to stretch a little, switching from blues to jazz to Afro-Cuban to spoken word, and finally to vocal percussion. My wife listened to me and suggested that I sing standing up instead of sitting at a desk or on the couch. The dynamics would be different, she says. She's right. In fact, I should try doing my DailySing practice at different times of the day, to ride the various energies of the day. Singing in different circumstances would also help... LIke singing while in the park, or on my way home, or at lunch time in a garden.

Another idea I have is to do SWATs (Singing When Asked To) downtown. Lord knows, the downtown culture is ready for it. Lunch time at California Paza, Arco Towers, or Pershing Square... Imagine a group of maybe 8 to 12 people assemble and start singing chants, rounds, maybe a little vocal improv with vocal percussion lasting maybe 15 ~ 20 minutes, then they all disperse and go on about their day. Hmmmm, something to think about.

To listen to DailySing - 68, click here.