By this time, Will said that his practice was becoming the center or cornerstone of his day, that his day revolved around his singing time, that his schedule somehow magically made room for the singing... Good for him!

I'm not having that experience. I go about my day, then come home and do the family thing, then the daddy thing where I put baby girl to bed and read her a story, then start working on music for the choir. By now, I'm exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed, but then I remember that I made this promise to sing every day for 15 mns straight... No Matter What!
So, I can't go to bed until I get this thing done, because I gave my word. 

So, no... I don't feel like this practice has become the fulcrum of my spiritually fulfilled day. Instead, it's a pain, where I often feel my limitations as a singer, where my creativity smashes into the wall of "fear of success", or the quicksand of apathy, where I wonder ,"what am I even looking for by doing this?".

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