I decided to start my singing earlier in the evening, just after putting my daughter to bed, and today's exploration was inspired by my wife. I was humming the bass line for Come Together just as Billie started talking to me. The musicality of the way she was speaking and the tones she was hitting, turned what I was doing into a minor "thang".The rhythm of her spinning wheel was a part of my backbeat, and the dropped knitting needles became percussive accents to the sound salad. One of the cats, Odin, the one with sinus issues made his sonic contribution through the nose, in direct competition with the background hum of the street, coming through the open windows. This improv felt very much Alive, where the last 5 were done late at night, in a closed room and felt stifled in comparison. I felt more playful, and started working on referencing a familiar musical motif, to keep continuity and cohesion within the exploration. FUN!!!

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