Today, I learned of the death of dear friend, beloved singer and fellow improviser Anne Potter. I will miss her sharp wit, quick mind and wicked sense of humour. When we improvised together, I always felt like we went to similar creative places for our inspiration, and I thought of her as my "creatin' cousin". I love her a lot and was thrown for a loop as the news of her death trickled through my body. I remembered an unflinching explorer pushing me to stay outside my comfort zone, who stayed there with me... in song, spoken word, storytelling and rhythm.

When I sang tonight, I began with a soul song, expressing the bright life enhancing energies of this day. As my exploration got more technical, I became aware of an expansive feeling welling up inside of me. It seemed to be separate from what I was doing, and I couldn't tell where it was coming from. It grew and grew until I had to change the rhythm I was singing and follow this feeling musically... I sang it! I paced it, I pursued it and it changed and got bigger while I sang it. It became a familiar riff from a Pink Floyd song. This particular melody has always communicated larger than life energies and the flow of universal forces to me, and I realized that this was some inner attempt to feel my friend on her journey, to sing her transition into the "big-ness" of the life energy of the universe.

To listen to DailySing - 59, click here.