Tonight I decided to try something different. Instead of just improvising, I sang Roberta Flack's well known ballad, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. I've never sung that song before and didn't now how to approach it, so I paired everything down to the bare essentials. I could hear wavering, and sliding and catching in my voice as I got acclimated to the song.

I used my daughter's Echo-Mic, and it's sound qualities to play different rhythms while I sang. It added another dimension for me and with more to work with, my voice felt stronger because I wasn't overdoing it. At the beginning, when it was paired down to essentials, I put so much emphasis on my voice carrying the whole song, that I overdid it. That's why the slides, the swoops and embellishments didn't work, and sounded nervous and amateurish. The KISS rule applied: Keep It Super Simple! No vocal embellishments, no trying to put more into the song than there really is... Just straight singing!

I get there at the end of this recording. I take away the Echo-Mic and try to sing as simply as possible. I actually achieve at the end, what I was trying to accomplish at the start of the song.

To listen to DailySing - 56, click here.