Tonight's vocal exploration felt like a journey along a linear path... Kind of like a Grateful Dead jam, you know... Lots and LOTS of improvisation, for long periods of time!!!

I find myself stretching my capacity to sing octaves, to jump back and forth and land squarely on the note. A little like life.I am stretching my capacity to ask for what I want, for what I am worth and for what I deserve. I am expanding myself enough to see a glimpse of my core and that place that recognizes my self worth.

As I sing different motifs around an ever changing bass line, I listen to the sound of acceptance within myself. It's getting clearer and louder and easier to recognize. I like how these translate into melodic phrases that evoke feelings that bring a smile to my face. That's my barometer...Does the music make me smile?

To listen to DailySing 55, click here.