I decided to start with a slow ballad-like melody to push my voice a little, to listen to my tone, to test my vocal control. I dipped, dove, soared, tumbled and spun with my voice. It was like an aerial display for my voice. Like last night's DailySing, I was trying to keep it together at the extremes of my range, by jumping back forth between the melody, the bass and solo motifs.

About halfway through, I switched from improvisation to singing Afro Blue. After a few passes I started to stretch out a little and explore the shape of the words in my mouth as I sang them. Then I played with the order of the verses, the bridge, and the refrain. Finally I felt myself getting swept up in an improvosation based on Afro Blue. I subjectively learned a lot, and eventuallly it will come out as new music.

To listen to DailySing - 54, click here.