When I opened my mouth to sing this evening, an old song just came out, so I went with it. I normally play guitar with this song, and found myself singing the guitar part along with the melody, since it's all a cappella. It's been so long that it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride remembering where the key was, which lyrics were used, how to make the different parts fit together as I bounced back and forth with my voice. I improvised a lot toward the end, as I was exploring untried possibilities.

At the end of this exploration, I abruptly changed and went into a fast paced jam to break up the feeling that I stick to a familiar pace or pulse. I don't think I actually was that different, but I had fun. I explored singing long tones and soloing over this rapid pulsing jam, with interesting results. I am gaining a larger measure of control when I jump from the bass line to the melody, then to a solo in my falsetto voice, then back again to the bass line or to a percussion heavy groove. I can jump around and land on the lead note solidly, with no sliding into the note or meandering around while I try to find it.
It felt good!

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