I'm proud of myself tonight, and feeling better about my ability to keep a theme going. 
I can depart from the original idea, play around, then come back to the main melodic phrase, then explore some other aspect of this thing called improvisation, and again return to the same main melodic phrase. I often come back to a variation of the main theme because I get so lost in my exploration that I forget what the theme is exactly and can only express an approximation of it.

 Tonight, I struck another balance on some deeper level. I was able to play and explore without having to keep a conscious thread going in one part of my mind. That takes concentration and energy away from the actual creation. This time, the melody was just there when I needed it to be.

Oddly enough, letting go and surrendering gave me more control. Hmmm, sounds like one of those life lessons that I keep having to re-learn.

To listen to DailySing - 46, click here.