Tonight''s DailySing was about the unmitigated joy of unapologetic exploration! There are some really juicy moments and some good idea development going on. I picked up the shakers and started using them, and pretty soon it became a game of "how far can I keep going?". 

The first part was mostly setting up a melodic pattern, then I added shakers and slowly slipped into riffs I grew up with, from Pink Floyd and Grand Funk Railroad. I kept jumping back and forth between a 6/8 feel and a square rock 4/4 feel. I explored solo voice while the shakers kept a pulse. I jumped from bass line to melody, to harmony, to bridge, and all the while the shakers kept a rock steady pulse. It was then that I abandonned the shakers altogether and explored my solo voice with long tones and sweeping phrases. Of course as soon as I got going I had to add a backbeat which changed the whole thing. The backbeat was the foundation for a funky bass line, and I even threw in some solo moments in my upper falsetto register. I slipped into a jazz feel... THAT didn't work! So, I brought the funky bass line back and jumped to all manner of solo horn, violin, and guitar sounds using that bass riff as home. It felt exhuberant!!!

To listen to DailySing - 44, click here.