What a gift we humans have in our capacity for creativity and imagination. I've been listening to tonight's playback and feel humbled and amazed at the continuous flow. A balance was struck tonight, as far as keeping a listener's ear is concerned. In spite of a few rough spots, where I started to think too much and was immediately rewarded with pitch issues, my attention never wandered  and I found myself engaged "as listener" for the entire 15 mns. This means, I'M NOT BORING!!!

There's a certain set of rules in the success of any endeavour. For example, a good song has a catchy melody, lyrics that speak to us, a memorable chorus , and a beat that is infectious. No matter the window dressing, the genre, or the instrumentation, all good songs have all or a combination of these attributes.

Tonight's singing felt like a smooth ride along smooth asphalt... Swishhhh....! I started with exploring a rhythmic idea combining vocal percussion with made up language, then added a melody to the made up language, which led me to a vocal travel log which eventually became You Are My Sunshine. Trippy but satisfying!!!

To listen to DailySing - 43 click here.