My iPod is frozen, locked up, won't respond!!! This has colored my emotional landscape (see yesterday's blog) for the singing tonight. I came home from men's group, spiritually sated, emotionally full, mentally fatigued, and rather happy. I sat down to sing and realized that my iPod was frozen, but I had to sing anyway, so I did. I sang:
Ali maye, saya na nyine
Ali maye, saya na nyine... Fama 'ala
A song from the Gambia for my friend Kumani's play, started me out, and then I went into vocal exploration mode, but it wasn't working. I could not take my mind off of the fact that I couldn't record what I was singing. The energy of the men's group gave me something tangibly valuable tonight, and I brought it with me to my singing, but the struggle to "let it go" waring with my desire to fix it, fix it now, fixitnow, fixitnowfixitnowfixitnowfixitn..... is exhausting.
Toward the end of my singing, I came back to the chorus, singing it quietly, over and over.
Unfortunately, you can't listen to DailySing - 40, because I can't record at the moment.