Once again it was late when I finally sang. I thought to change things up and energize myself by starting with made up language, but that didn't work. Not only did I not feel as energized as I wanted to be, I left the made up language behind and started singing. I occasionally threw in words, but that only lasted a few bars before I started reading words out loud randomly as accents to what I was singing. Words on the TV screen, words on the fridge, words on a letter, words on business cards, were all used to flesh out this singing idea, and yet I never thought of the words as music and didn't use them as such, only as accents and counterpoint to my singing. How wierd was that?!!??
As my fatigue increased, I found my mind drifting and my voice sounding what was in my drifting mind. I lost track of melodies, and would switch to another one, only to realize that I'd lost this new melody and would plunge into another variation of what I seemed to be singing at the time, all without stopping.
Two thirds of the way through my singing time, I rested in vocal percussion land, then tried to come back to melodic phrasing, and ended by singing an old Pink Floyd riff. 
I look at the clocks that I have reset forward one hour, and realize that I need to go to bed.

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