Sometimes, like tonight, I wonder what I am doing with this singing thing, I try to remember why this is so important and realize that I and this pact are still getting used to one another. It's early,and I want to catch up on some badly needed sleep, but NOOOO.... I gotta do todays' DailySing... And I feel annoyed... annoyed at this thing I love, annoyed at myself for putting us (me, myself and I) in this position. The lofty goals of learning about myself and attaining some deeper understanding and inspiration seem very remote from this weary, bone-tired in the trenches feeling I currently am experiencing.
As I listen to the playback, I hear how tired I am, but it's not until my wife says, "You sound really tired", that the difference in my sound really hits home. I do sound tired, listless, and croaky, but I also am staying very open and receptive which is allowing me the creativity to skip from idea to idea, all while staying connected thematically. 
Maybe I am tired enough to stay out of my own way.

To listen to DailySing - 37, click here.