Why is the listening especially sweet tonight? What makes the same music move me one night, and bore me the next? Why does one person's unrefined delivery bring us to tears, while the trained vocalist can sound like a machine? 
It feels to me like a spirit versus brain question. If I feel it and channel the feeling and the intent into my words, no matter what they are, the emotion will come through to the listener. When I sing Spirit, when I am the song, when my intent is one with my sonic vibration and expression then my heart touches the listener's heart directly.
When the brain takes over exclusively, the results are disappointing. I have known amazingly technical musicians with unparalleled  theoretical knowledge, and been impressed at their skill and chops only to be stunned at the sterility and emptiness of their own compositions.

Like all things in nature, it takes a balance between spirit and brain, a delicate melange of chops and technical skills which is then bent to the service of the song, lying dormant until needed by the driving force of creativity to bring something into being that touches us all.

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