I finally did it! I sang outside, on my balcony facing the sunset, suffused with the sounds of the city, and the sounds of life in general. I even had a passing audience at various times on the sidewalk below, as well as perceived movement behind 2 of my neighbor's windows. Being in this soup of living sounds while singing was extremely energizing to me. It influenced some of the melodic interludes I found myself channeling. The sound of a siren fading in the distance, passing conversations come to my ears in spite of my sonic involvement, the sound of leaves rustling in the surrounding trees, chattering squirrels in the branches that encircle the balcony, birds chirping on the electrical wires running through the branches overhead, a helicoper on its way to the coast, the noise made by different car, truck and bus engines in the street, the beep beep of my neighbor's truck as he backs into a parking space, all blended into a powerful susurration that kept lifting me up. 
I didn't do this DailySing to put myself out there, as I am already quite extroverted, but maybe this is something else I need. I have lately been shying away from teaching as I feel blocked, but this could shake things up for me internally, if I keep it up. DailySing was started as an inner journey, but it seems to be leading me to express myself out in the world.
During the sunset my singing was energized and very rhythmic, my focus was unwavering (possibly because the ham in me came out) because of the outer stimuli. I had a theme which I stayed with and fleshed out. Even as I went off exploring this mu-sing, I kept a part of myself open to the theme, which I kept returning to. This was a good experience!

To listen to DailySing - 33, click here.