I was listening, listening to a mournfully long note across a bleak terrain when the sound of my own annoyance woke me up and I started singing, we jammed for a while, then I fell asleep again, but got caught up in a good thang and waited it out until you were willing to sing again... So it has been my inner thing.
My wife said that ever since I started DailySing, I am nicer to be around. I told her we'd be on the look out to talk later.
This post stands as a testament to committment and force of will. I was going to replace it or fix it, but I've decided to let it stand as is. I was so exhausted from several 16 hour days in a row when I did DailySing - 31, that I fell asleep several times while singing. When I listen to the playback I can hear myself slowly fading, then nodding off altogether, followed by several seconds of silence... and then I start singing again as if I were just finishing a sentence. By the time I actually sat down to write the blog, I was in another... several other... worlds. I did fall asleep several times writing it, then remember waking up to finish, but my mind being so muddled that I simply settled for trying to make sense of the gibberish I had already written. In retrospect, I see that what I had written was the tail end of several disparate thoughts. How I ended up combining them on the same page is beyond me.
I'll get some sleep and see how I do with the next one.

To listen to DailySing 31, click here.