Tonight, I was flitting from one idea to the next. I didn't even try for a semblance of continuity. I changed keys, juxtaposed opposing time signatures, put seemingly irrelevant ideas together and the results were rather bland. I expected at least some disharmony, or dissonance, but it was all a little boring. A pity, as I was actually trying to shake things up. I expect to learn from this year long commitment, but I am lost right now. I don't know where I'm going with the DailySing or what nuts and bolts steps I need to take to progress, to evolve.
So, here's the thing... if I want my life to change, then I have to do things differently or do different things. One way is to do things that are in service to the change I desire. I want to be a singer, I want to embody the sound I create, I want BE the sound that I project. A consistent conscious daily awareness will help me. Instead of waiting for some huge event to somehow change my circumstances I can change them, one step at a time with a daily practice. When I do a new thing, even if it's only for just minutes a day, it begins to shape who I am becoming. The key is to commit to it, and do it every day.

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