As I observe large swaths of emptiness in my inner landscape, I am also aware of a feeling of hope emerging. This feeling had me thinking thinking about and missing my son Chance. This hopeful feeling started inside me as a question, "Where are you now?"... And came out of my mouth sounding like "wee yoo - wee yoo - oo-ooaah".

I persevered with the idea of jumping from a bass line to a melody, to a harmony, then to some solo motifs, and back again. I started with a simple syncopated little riff and built on it. There are limitations. When I listen to the playback, I hear myself singing the melody, then switching to a harmony, then adding a counterpoint, and finally adding a few solo ideas and riffs before dropping back down into a bass line or the main melody. I follow the thread as a listener and find myself transported, tapping my foot and bobbing my head. What I remember is that, in my own mind while I was singing, all of the parts were eventually happening at the same time. Every time I'd add a part, the previous one was still playing in my mind. 

Although you can listen and imagine what these parts might sound like together, I get to live in my own head and hear the orchestral interaction of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. 
I am my own iPod! LUCKY ME!!!

To listen to DailySing - 57, click here.