I had so much fun with tonight's DailySing! I sang through a kids toy called an Echo Mic. I got one for myself and one for my daughter India earlier today. She loves it, and I apologize profusely to my wife Billie for the sounds my daughter insists on sharing, but it's a stellar addition of my arsenal of unique sound toys. It's basically a Lion's Roar but the size of a thick-ish mic, with a curved bowl in the top of the mic to create an echo effect, and a spring in the base to amplify the sound waves generated. It's a cool design, and also makes me sound like I'm in an echo chamber. I dug it so much that not only did I go over by a minute + in my 15 mn sing, but I also recorded 2 addendums because the ideas would not stop coming! I'm pretty jazzed!!! If it wasn't so late, I'd facebook about these 3 bad boys... I'll do it tomorrow. 
Also... the big news is that I stayed focused THE WHOLE TIME!!!! I finally achieved that balance... at least this once. I didn't leave my body for indescribable musical landscapes, and I knew where I was musically, the entire 16 minutes that I was singing and creating. Now, we'll see if I can recreate it the next time.

To Listen to DailySing - 26 (with addendums I & II), click here.