I did it again! I closed my eyes and started to sing, and when I opened them it was 17 minutes later. I can't take credit for what I sang as I don't remember doing it. I must've gone away when I sang this. I remember it as I listen, but I don't remember doing it originally. Trippy!!!
I bonded over beers with the guys from work, then came home and sang. It was very late and I didn't want to miss it. I did it, but fell asleep immediately afterwards, and woke up at 2:23 AM to write this blog.
It seems that I really stayed with a particular thematic idea musically, and worked it to death. I was actually impressed, parttly because I had no memory of singing this and partly because this was really well done from a musical explorer's perspective. I'm not bored listening back on it.

To listen to DailySing - 24, click here.