A friend suggested various interpretations of Happy Birthday for today's DailySing. So, I started several birthday improvs which led to variations of the birthday song I never envisioned. As this is happening at the end of a long day, I am aware of my focus coming and going. Sometimes, I thought I fell asleep, other times, I forgot what I was doing and would vamp until I'd remember that I was doing some guerilla arranging on the fly and add in a happy birthday line or two. I also put the recording device down and just started flying. When I thought it was almost time to stop, I opened my eyes and over 17 minutes had gone by. Talk about time dilation... I also thought that I had fallen asleep in between HB versions, but I didn't.
Singing Happy Bday was fun even though I sometimes would zone out and just improvise until I remembered that I was singing a version of happy Bday. During those improvisations, I'd slip into stream of consciousness. It was fascinating!!!

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