Listening is a 7 layer cake that you slowly explore
Listening is a palpably varied and delicate tool
Listening moves me to tears, moves me to ecstacy
listening brings me back to myself
Listening makes me aware of the thick and heavy presence of mastery
Listening brings clarity and light to my inner landscape
Listening helps me guide my mojo (!)
Listening feeds my spirit
I did something different tonight in my singing. I sang a Victor Wooten song that I know, Heaven Is Where The Heart Is, and tried to adapt it to the a cappella form. I experienced several layers in the singing and listening of it.
First, my mind was busy trying to figure out structure cognitively, while wondering if I shouldn't stop and change the key.
Then came my various interpretations of how to deliver the lyrics with confidence, then with feeling, then with technical proficiency, with power, and finally, how to deliver the lyrics in the most natural way for me at this moment in time.
I did get to a section, after I had come to the end of the lyrics, where I turned off the cognitive and bypassed my brain entirely, feeling the rhythm of the improv and its roots in the song. I then experienced the energizing plunge back into the familiarity of the song and my voice changed with each line. It seemed to do it of its own accord, searching and looking for the sweet spot to embody the song. When the search sounded rough, I let it be rough, as I just absorbed the teachings pouring into me as I listened to myself. This particular DailySing was a rollercoaster ride.

To listen to DailySing - 22, click here.