I've had a wondrous day, full of wondrous experiences, from the tastes, scents, and sensually rich sounds to the sobering daily reminders of my mortality. Ok, maybe not wondrous, but still a damn good day rooted as it was, in the appreciation of the mundane.

The vitality I felt was transfered to the music I sang. With gusto and fervor didst I enter the funky realm of VP (Vocal Percussion), bass grooves and syncopation!

I felt tonight's division of time was in 2 eight minute segments instead of 3 five minute sections. My altered interpretation of time affected my phrasing, rhythmic sense and melodic explorations. It's been stretched somehow. There's less urgency and more calm as I go about crafting a solo or various sections in a jam. I can have fun in the eye of the storm!

To listen to DailySing - 208, click here.