Tonight, I sat in contemplation before beginning to sing. I was contemplating the source or root of the sounds that come through me, and how my emotions have a decided effect on what comes out of me.

I read the account of a young woman at VixCamp, a bass and nature camp, who was recounting her inner journey as her body was walking through the woods, blindfolded, homing in on the sound of a distant drumbeat By the time she was close to the drum and felt a hand on her arm to help her sit in a circle of her peers, she realized that she could rely on all of her senses to a much greater degree when playing music and feeling out fellow players. This is also applicable to life in general. We can use all of our senses to really listen, empathize and communicate with others to a startling degree of depth.

Putting myself in a space to contemplate these truths before singing, had an effect on tonight's session.

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