As I listen to what I just sang, I have to admit to a certain amount of playfulness in what I do. At certain points in my listening, I broke out into a big smile, and once I even laughed out loud. Come to think of it, I laughed out loud and was grinning most of the time during the creation of tonight's improvisation. My listening was easier and deeper, though the ease seemed to belie the depth to a small degree. Rhythm is a huge part of what I do. In the future, I'll see if I can be lyrical without relying on a beat. Long sustained tones to soothe some inner turmoil, perhaps.
Tonight, I was aware of sticking with an idea, developing it, growing it, and fleshing it out until I had exhausted the possible permutations and nuances in the music. I am quite proud of myself for being disciplined enough to stay focused on a theme and returning to it time and again in a way that is engaging to an audience. I still need help with words on the fly or as stream of consciousness. It'll come if I keep putting myself in situations where I have to "bring it" at a moment's notice. 
Also, I'm sensing the overlap between songwriting and improvisation,but can't feel it fully to express in words yet. It feels important to be able to put it into words somehow. Like that will help clarify some questions I have about songwriting.

To listen to DailySing - 20, click here