I'm not using my full listening abilities when I sing. I read what Will wrote about listening, and the depth of immersion required pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone. I like to bounce in, dazzle/play/jam, then exit... Wham Bam Thank Ya Ma'am, which is rather superficial... on many musical levels. I am good at this improv thing and that requires that I be a good listener. However, in order to achieve the results I want, and to exemplify the behavior and work ethic to those I work with, I need to get even quieter internally and sink into that womb like place where creativity is birthed. I realize that I resist going there because I might miss something out here in the real world. It's like watching TV. When I don't watch, it may take me a day or two longer to find out the news of the day. (So what?!??... he says now)
I'm realizing that if I let go of actively TRYING to "be in the know", I can actually get quiet enough to honestly BE " in the know". If I take the time to go deeper within myself and my art, then instead of taking a day or two longer to find out the news of the day, I can BE the news of the day. That seems a profound enough lesson for one late night.

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