Sing outside....!

In a park, by the river, along the street, at the beach, by a waterfall, on a hike in the mountains, near a stream, on your back porch, on the front stoop, and any other place you happen to be.

Every place on this planet has a feel to it, a resonance. It's that hushed feeling you get in a grove of redwoods that feels like church, or the smile that bubbles out of you under a waterfall. These resonances can be felt sensed and interpreted by us, if we slow down enough in our daily lives. 

I just soak in and grok the place, its flow, its character, and let it fill me up to the point where it builds to a slight pressure that I surrender to, and in surrendering, beautiful vocal sounds come out of me. All I have to do is stay in that state of surrender and trust it, and trust myself.

Try it!