As I listen to this playback, I am filled with utter joy and fascination at the power, beauty and depth of expression in the human voice. It's a good thing to revisit, like Miles' quote from DailySing-17, it reconnects us to the basic truths we take for granted and eventually forget. I remember singing this... and at the time, my moving forward was powered by solid emotion!
I was singing  my emotions, even when I turned the tones into words, I was operating from a primarily emotionally charged place. I barely remember the words. I remember that the frequency of the message was "intense". Beyond the words, beyond the cognitive message, within the music itself, lies the  true emotional content and message. It seems so small, yet it is the underlying fabric of our reality and universe... It is LOVE!!!
I need to "grok" my own realization, my own epiphany...!!! How weird is that??!?
I feel that I just sang "L.O.V.E", yet I would have a hard time justifying my position to an academic or business interviewer, even though I feel the value of it in the very marrow of my bones.
Another of life's conundrums... (That I'll act on this time)

To listen to DailySing - 18, click here.