Wide ranging... That's what I call tonight's DailySing. I started in one rhythm and feel, and abruptly changed to something rhythmically different, while keeping the melody or a variation thereof.

I began with a laid back 4/4 , then went into a 4/4 rock steady feel. Later on, I was basically switching between a rolling 6/8 feel and the 4/4 rock steady beat. Those were my two interpretations of the melody I set up. I had a lot of fun jumping back and forth between the melody and my various solo explorations. I even broke it down to a swing rhythm and played with a jazz feel both melodically and as a good long solo.

Toward the end I went into lyrics that were coherent as a story, and I even figured out a chorus on the fly which got better and better every time I got back to it.

To listen to DailySing - 175, click here.