I did better tonight staying with a theme and coming back to it time and again. I want to explore the hands playing out a rhythm on my chest as I sing. It syncopates what I'm singing, breaking into separate tempi, sometimes at double time, then switching to half time speed. I keep the rhythm I started playing in my core and even when it can no longer be heard, it is still implied, even as I sing parts with different tempi, while holding longer notes. I sing in French again, this time because of a chance encounter earlier this evening, but the rhythm I had played earlier is still implied. All of the drama involved in singing new territory, the choices, the elation, the regrets are so vivid to my inner reality. Yet, when I listen to the playback, I don't connect to the drama and the pathos of my inner life. I just hear some pretty cool ideas. Maybe, for today, that's all it's about.

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