I finally did it! I fell asleep whilst singing. I did a good job of floating on the ethereal musical whims of my muse, and jumping in with what I thought of as courage as I leapt from one musical idea to the next, keeping my mind wide open. I realized while listening to what I did that at some of these junctures or focii of change, I am actually falling asleep and singing out loud whatever stream of dream is coming through me at that time. I actually fall asleep for many seconds of agonizing silence, then realize an eternity of seconds later that my recording about singing and sounds is now full of quietly thickening silence. "This may be a good thing", is the thought that I'm vaguely aware of at the back of my mind, although I can only dimly perceive the why at its edges. 
I've got it!!! 
There should be room for silence, lots of silence if necessary... in any musical endeavor. It's the silence that highlights the music you hear, puts it in a context, frames it.
Miles was right, "Music IS the silence between the notes."

To listen to DailySing - 16, click here.