I tried something different this time. First of all it's only 10 pm, and I've already finished singing. Secondly, I took all pressure off of myself to create an experience for a potential listener, and just monitored where I found myself occasionally, throughout this little sing. I did bounce around from genre to genre and idea to idea. I didn't try to make one melodic idea turn into another, cleanly, and with great musicality. No, instead, as soon a a new path showed itself, I decided in the moment to follow it. I didn't give myself a choice so that I'd be forced to switch my focus as quickly as my creative drive. Instead of trying to keep a loose structure within which to fit an improvisation, I consciously decided to loose all structure and just jump from inspiration to inspiration with no R-U-L-E-S governing the creation itself. The results were several melodic and rhythmic changes which caught me by surprise. They were exciting, catchy, and very dynamic. Being "edgy" will come later. LOL

To listen to DailySing - 15, click here.