A funky little energy ball took over just as I opened my mouth tonight, and you can hear the result on the recording.

It was a field day for learning to keep the groove interesting and fun on the fly. 
I juxtaposed radically different rhythms together, divided by sections. The first split was into a slow jazz thang with swing, then I explored variations on a funky theme before coming back to the main melody. The next departure was into a tribal 6/8 PV groove, before dropping back into the 4/4 of the main melody. At this point, soloing as a lead instrument seemed like the next illogical musical twist to commit to. This was followed by more soloing, this time as a lead guitar by which I flipped back forth between it and the rhythm section parts. Finally, the basses were able to take over, followed by more VP, which by this time had a more exotic and international appeal. Finally back to the head with variations that add to the funk.

To listen to DailySing - 145, click here.