Tonight's DailySing felt like a jam straight through. Departing from and returning to the main melodic groove riff was fun, but I know that at some point early on, I came back to a slight variation and wasn't able to shake it to find the true original.

Oh well, I worked with that and it was all good.

The next sonic region I explored was VP-land. I went from straight beatboxing to different forms of stylized VP. I call stylized VP, any vocal percussion where the varied drum and percussive sounds are codified and stylized as opposed to imitating as closely as possible, the sound of the actual instrument, drum, clave, bell, shaker, etc...

I then delved into the effect of beating out rhythms on my chest whilst singing, discovering anew how resonant the chest cavity really is.

To listen DailySing - 142, click here.