One good thing I am doing is staying true to the spirit of improvisation when I do these DailySings. I know this because I am always surprised at where I end up, whether it be on a harmonic tangent, in a percussive interlude, or at the end of the whole piece. I never know where I'm going from one second to the next. Some very happy accidents happen this way. In fact, I'd say that a good portion of new innovative musical ideas are the result of unexpected occurences, "mistakes", my piano teacher used to call them. I call them "Happy Accidents", and my rule is, if you have one... have a BIG one... then REPEAT IT... several times!!! 
Tonight, I came to the task of playing with my voice in good humor. I quicly found myself letting go, in order to "go" farther afield in my musical explorations. I started with a typical (for me) pattern and immediately built up a little percussion around the central melodic idea. Problem was, I kept coming back to a variation of the melody, I couldn't seem to remember the original main melody. It didn't matter because I then explored long tones, melodic soloing, my falsetto voice, vocal drum riffs, and bass jazz phrasings until I was surprised to find that the ending was already past me. Hmmm... Sounds like life!

To listen to DailySing - 14, click here.