I felt like Reggae tonight, but what came out, while funky, was a far cry from Reggae. The accented beat was all wrong for Reggae, but it was danceable and had a good breat.

I went through a few different ways to approach soloing, but what really stood out was the vocal percussion or VP! What started out as just a section in the improv, turned into a full scale study of how I make the various sounds, how they can be modified, how different time signatures can all hang on the same tempo.

For exampe, I went from a straight 4/4 beat, to a 6/8, and then went into a jazz swing thing keeping the 6/8 feel, at one point. I did more exploring in different parts of the improv. I tried to combine melodic and bass lines with VP, which was quite a workout for my mouth and lungs. Toward the end, I added BP (body percussion) as well, and the sound was PHAT! If I could sustain that kind of simultaneous and multiple output during several songs in a row, I'd be onto something.

To listen to DailySing 136, click here.