Started out with a plan... First mistake! If you're going to improvise, then improvise, don't plan! Planning is the opposite of improvisation!!!
Thought I'd begin with some vocal percussion (vp), and explore how to develop those ideas for the full 15 minutes... Hah!!!
First of all as soon as I had that great idea, I could no longer come up with any vp parts. My brain shut down and I had already begun the 15 mns of improv. I tried desperately to come up with parts in a vacuum, where there were a myriad amazing rhythmic ideas previously. It was all too repetitive and I had to do something. I didn't, but I thought I did. Enter, The Voice. That other entity that you can fashion and mold into any sonic shape you can think of. I unashamedly used that Voice to sing some melodies, a few harmonies. I even pretended to be different instruments, like didjeridoos and berimbaus, and quicas. I kept coming back to a rhythmic and percussive theme, but when I'd just enjoy what was coming out, without controling it, then my mind would drift, with my patterns getting lost. Mercifully, I got it together toward the end and was able to maintain a rhythmic theme. Now, I know what not to do next time! LOL

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