I started tonight with the idea of using unique, new, and different sounds for my vocal palette.

The exploration also delved into juxtaposing various time signatures and rhythms within the same musical context.

Soloing was different because even if I went to a default melodic place, I still did it in this new way with a unique, new and different sound vocabulary. I explored lead guitar improvisational lines and it wasn't easy at all. I rediscovered that an instruments dictates the development of any phrase or melody by its very construction. How is sound produced on it? Are there strings pressed on a neck with fingers? Or strings struck by a hammer controlled by keys? Perhaps, a bright sound comes from air through a tube controlled by baffles at regular intervals to control the air flow? 

All of these methods give rise to widely varying enterpretations of a solo because the musical choices made are guided by the parameters of the instrument in question.

That's why I love the voice! So many instruments to emulate and imitate.

To listen to DailySing - 127, click here.